Junior League 6 Division 1

1Connahs Quay Jnr A2200120252
2Christleton Jnr A2200111252
3Buckley Jnr A2002111124
4Connahs Quay Jnr B2002012155

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Connah’s Quay A: Emily Fitch & Emily Fitch

Christleton A: Albe NG & Yinnes Wong

Buckley A: Joel Ellis & Kyle Hutchinson


Junior League 6 Division 2

1St Peters2200120180
2Christleton Jnr B210157137
3West Cheshire PC210148139
4Eros Jnr A200239125

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

St Peter’s: Mikey Devoy & Leah Cooke

Christleton B: Noah & Jeffrey

West Cheshire PC: Jamie Stewart & Aryan Yadav

Eros A: Will Mowll & Will Mowll

Junior League 6 Division 3

1Connahs Quay Jnr C2200102173
2Christleton Jnr C211084168
3Llanferres Jnr A201157129
4Eros Jnr B2002111107

Players of the Match(chosen by the opposition):

Connah’s Quay C: Austin Wyatt & Oliver Wyatt

Christleton C: Hansen Tsui & Noah Orchard

Llanferres A: Adam Webb & Alex Grant

Eros B: Charlie Lewis & Evie Lewis

Junior League 6 Division 4

1Buckley Jnr B2200177
2Christleton Jnr D2101138
3Eros Jnr C2011140
4Buckley Jnr C2011119

* Eros Jnr C won the tie against Buckley Jnr C 71-70 on points

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Buckley B: Lily Monk & Amy Lane

Christleton D: Nikita Arya & Nikita Arya

Eros C: Seren Wood & Declan Casey

Buckley C: Adam Thomas & Leah Morris

Junior League 6 Division 5

1Eros Jnr D2200102176
2Llanferres Jnr B220093159
3Buckley Jnr D200248130
4Development Team200211194

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Eros D: Hollie Bignell & Hollie Bignell

Llanferres B: Ruby Steel & Taran Ward

Buckley D: Grace Clarke & Kabir Butt

Development Team: Lauren Bignell & Lauren Bignell


It has been decided that Buckley C will not be demoted and will remain in Division 4 and Eros D will not be promoted and will remain in Division 5 for the final remaining fixture on Saturday 16th March to avoid 3 Eros teams being in the same division.