Junior League 7 Division 1

1Christleton Jnr A2200254
2Connahs Quay Jnr A2101207
3St Peters2101211
3Buckley Jnr A2002185

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Christleton A: Bobby Lai & Albe Ng

St Peter’s: Leo Frulloni & Leo Frulloni

CQ A: Emily Fitch & Tobias Colecliff

Buckley A: Luke Betts & Luke Betts

Junior League 7 Division 2

1Connahs Quay Jnr B2110154
2Christleton Jnr B2110160
3West Cheshire PC2101147
4Connahs Quay Jnr C200288

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Connah’s Quay B: Ben Foster & Oliver Wyatt

Christleton B: Dominic White & Tomas Lloyd

Connah’s Quay C: Jess Jones & Emily Jones

West Cheshire PC: Elizabeth Howard & Elizabeth Howard

Junior League 7 Division 3

1Buckley Jnr B2200179
2Eros Jnr A2200164
3Christleton Jnr C2002138
4Llanferres Jnr A2002124

* Llanferres A were made up of 2 Eros B players due to player unavailability

Players of the Match
(chosen by the opposition):

Buckley B: Amy Lane & Alfie Pugh

Llanferres A: Adam Webb & Taran Ward

Christleton C: Alex Moorhouse & Tomas Lloyd

Eros A: Charlotte Bignell & Nieve McCulloch

Junior League 7 Division 4

1Christleton Jnr D2110167
1Eros Jnr B2110164
3Eros Jnr C2101130
4Buckley Jnr C2002118

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Christleton D: Leo Hyde & Noah Orchard

Buckley C: Jahaan Butt & Jahaan Butt

Eros B: Declan Casey & Keiran Casey

Eros C: Seren Wood & Gethin Halshall

Junior League 7 Division 5

1Eros Jnr D2200170
2Development Team2110149
3Llanferres Jnr B2011130
4Buckley Jnr D2002106

Players of the Match (chosen by the opposition):

Eros D: Logan Peake & Logan Peake

Llanferres B: Ruby Steel & Warren Johns

Buckley D: Abigail Betts & Vivaan Sandeep

Dev Team: Ostyn Hughes & Lucas Roberts

This concludes the Junior League Season for 2023-24.

A big thank you to Jane Liddle & Steve Eltham for coordinating the events and well done to everybody who took part!