Following some enquiries from clubs ahead of the start of the season, the committee discussed providing guidance for the potential rearrangement of fixtures at their meeting on 3 October 2022.
– The emphasis is on getting players back on court as much as possible in this first, full season following the adjusted playing arrangements during COVID.
– All clubs to take a reasonable and fair approach to fielding a team, whenever possible, to fulfil an existing fixture.
– Where this is not possible, for whatever reason during this season, rule 37 of the handbook is relaxed and team captains can contact each other directly to discuss possible rearrangement of a fixture (i.e. without needing to contact the committee for consent).
– If the team being asked to rearrange cannot accommodate the request, then the team making the request must either play the fixture as planned in the fixture list or forfeit.
– The emphasis is on team captains taking a reasonable approach in accommodating requests to rearrange whilst also acknowledging, and accepting, that it may not be possible to do so.
– All fixtures must be played by 21st April 2023.
It is hoped that this approach will help clubs to have flexibility with rearranging matches to support playing as many fixtures as possible but also makes it clear that clubs should make every possible effort to arrange club members to be available for matches as detailed in the existing fixture list.
If a rearrangement is agreed, please email the details to
If a club wishes to raise a concern/dispute as a result of an unresolved request for rearrangement, please contact match-
The next meeting is at 7pm on Monday 14th November and an update will follow.
Best wishes

Ant Welch

Chair of NEWBL